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Underwater LED Lighting System

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Having an additional source of light while filming underwater is something that kind of hard to say no to. There is a massive number of variety underwater battery light manufacturers, only few that produce light that enables continuous underwater operation and even fewer that gives you full DMX control over your underwater lighting system

In this blog we would like to shortly introduce you to our newest product – Underwater LED Lighting System. Our System is reliable and easy to operate solution dedicated to professional cinematographers. It is custom made solution that combines over 15 years of Aquafilm’s experience in underwater cinematography with innovative technology and the design of German based company Inteca GmbH. The System’s modular and flexible design gives a number of setup options in order to meet even one’s most sophisticated needs.

The System gives you possibility of continuous underwater operation – power and control from surface via the ILC311 DMX Controller. Single set consist of 12 single LED panels grouped in 3 Quatro Plates (4 LED panels for each Quatro Plate). A single LED panel 15,5×15,5 cm (0.5 x 0.5ft) gives 1000 lux at 1m distance.

Mane features are:

Dim control 0-100%


You have probably noticed that in this video every panel got different colour temperature. This is because Panels can be controlled separately, all at once or in pre-defined groups. All the predefined settings can also be memorised in the ILC311 DMX Controller.



Color temperature 2700K-6500K


And yes it’s also flicker-free up to 2700 fps


Modular design that gives various options of building your desire light setup within few minutes


4 Quatro Plates (16 single LED Panels) is possible while using 2 sets of the Underwater LED Lighting System


ILC 311 DMX Controller


The ILC311 DMX Controller (300Watts) is a professional ballast for the Underwater LED Lighting System. Three separate output channels allows one to control up to 12 single LED panels. The panels can be controlled separately, all at once or in pre-defined groups. ILC311 gives you precise control over the colour temperature and brightness either via touch screen or adjusting wheel.

The ILC311 DMX Controllers can work in master – slave mode either with external DMX console or in the set of two ILC’s. This last configuration allows to control up to 24 single LED panels from a single controller.



If you would like to dig more into details of the single LED Panel performance, below you will find graphic with technical measurements:


Last but not least, a neat feature of our Underwater LED Lighting System is that it can actually work as well on the surface, so if you planning to shoot a heavy rain scene, you know where to find us. We can also provide you with the splashbag for your precious camera 🙂

Full details of our Underwater LED Lighting System in printable PDF file. If it’s not enough for you please contact us directly.


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