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Snowman “Don’t stop me” (2014)

February 05, 2016 · Uncategorized

Dir. – Filip Zauska, DoP – Krzysztof Trojan, Production – Papaya Film


Snowman were formed in 2002, and have since given over one hundred concerts in Poland and Germany (Berlin), as well as made a successful tour of Paris venues. In atunn 2008 band relsie first album „Lazy“

They attract their listeners with image (their performances are accompanied by visualisations) and arrest them with the sound. Attempts to pigeonhole the group’s work prove very difficult. Countless labels have been used to describe their music: post rock, jazz, electronic, trans jazz, progressive rock, psychedelic music, guitar alternative; sometimes attempts to classify them are simply confined to the drawer marked “experiment”. They have been associated with and compared to Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Coldplay, Legendary Pink Dots, Dave Matthews Band or even Janis Joplin and Norah Jones. Would this mean that like any intriguing art, the music and images created by the Poznań-based band elude any categorisation? 

Their participation in a great variety of music events and also the reviews they get, which attempt at finding correspondences between the music they make and the one made by an extremely broad range of different artists, bear witness to the width of the music spectrum they can achieve and an original style that is so hard to define – a mixture of jazz, post-rock and electronics offering a warm sounding melody and at the same time either a little bit trans-like song or an instrumental composition with a characteristic trans-like theme.