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Nude Area (2012)

February 05, 2016 · Uncategorized

Dir. – Urszula Antoniak, DoP – Piotr Sobociński Jr., Produkcion – Apple Film

Nude Area
Nude Area

This short film’s emphasis on pictorial communication (no dialogue included) was cool and intriguing. It immediately spikes your interest (that’s what all cinema should be about, primarily). For such a safely brief running time (73 minutes) — a sustainable concept to direct and execute (by Urszula Antoniak), too, without having to rely on text-based fillers. Even if cinematography wasn’t always as lavish as you’d like — for a work where image does really take the center stage. Some shots were great, some not — which pertains to any motion-picture work. The loosely associative, reality and dream-weaving plot was divided into one-word chapters (every one of them starting with l — as inlabor or lovers; delivered in a stately-looking serif font), whose scene selections felt arbitrary. The editing seemed that way, too.

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