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Humble servants (2015)

October 11, 2016 · Uncategorized

Dir – Mariusz Gawryś, DoP – Mikołaj Łebkowski, Production – Prasa i Film

Humble servants

Humble servants is a criminal directed by Mariusz Gawryś (co-author of the script). He is a winner of Gdansk Lions for the best debut for a film "Szkoła Masażu". The script is inspired by a common decrease of social trust for different government institutions nominally appointed to protect our country. The film is dominated by dark and gloomy colours enforced by spare light (e.g. night scenes of  Wrocław after the rain), fogg, dark rooms, church interiors, but a view of today’s modern city of Wrocław is also shown.

Humble servants reaches for devices that haven’t been used in the Polish cinematography. They highlight the particular care of criminal details: death bodies shown in a realistic way without bleeding or rousing anxiety production and escalating fear during projection. We don’t know where they come from, though… And it’s all to make the face to face meeting with a murderer shocking with banality of evil which he represents…

Humble servants